Friday, January 3, 2020

If THIS Isn't Clear To You, You're Sadly Misguided!

So now we have to pose this question: Why would anyone even imagine that President Trump would lead America into a protracted  war in the Middle East? Why?
There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Donald Trump would do this. Nothing in his policies; nothing in his beliefs; nothing in his words and nothing in his deeds.
Instead, everything points to this scenario: Trump will use intense, targeted, precise and highly strategic attacks to take out our worst enemies while displaying our resolve, making a strong statement, setting an example and leaving the door open to some type of negotiated settlement or accommodation later down the road.
Trump will minimize the commitment of American troops (especially troops on the ground) and casualties.
This is the Trump policy!
And, so far it has worked quite well.
Trump's America First platform means no more protracted wars. It means we refuse to be the world's Top Cop. It means we will stop pouring money and manpower into goalless wars with no end in sight. 
The President has once again made his point by once again terminating one of one of the world's most vile and deadly terrorists. And he's done us all a great service. He'll do something like this again, if need be and use similar advanced military options to do it. 
But he will not lead us into yet another military quagmire.

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