Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Hey, Everybody - Is That REALLY Brad Pitt?

Look at these photos of Brad Pitt getting his name tag pinned on at the recent luncheon for Oscar nominees sponsored by the Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
And then, there's Brad walking around with his name tag like some kind of everyday, ordinary conventioneer. "Hi, my name is Brad -- what's yours?"
Ya just gotta admire Brad, yes?  He's not just the definition of a star (something all-too-rare in Hollywood these days) but  a damned good sport as well.
And ya gotta love his career's recent resurgence and the great work he's done in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
Small wonder that he's a favorite to win this year's Oscar -- and, overdue and well-deserved on all counts don't ya  think?

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