Friday, January 17, 2020

Whatever You Do, Don't Miss These Stories!

Trump Honors National Champion LSU Tigers at White House
-Fox News
“Just days after they capped off a 15-0 national championship season in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with President Trump in attendance, the LSU Tigers stopped by the White House on Friday to be honored by the commander in chief. They topped Clemson 42-25 to grab their first title since the 2007-2008 season,” Tyler Olson reports.

 Watch: President and First Lady attend the National Championship game
Trump's Phase One China Trade Deal Result of Negotiator-in-Chief's Courage
-Fox Business
“For decades, as a result of political short-sightedness and economic expediency, policymakers have acquiesced to Communist-controlled China,” Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX) writes. “At this critical juncture in history, we are fortunate to have a Negotiator-in-Chief who understands that China is the biggest existential threat to America and, more importantly, who has the political courage to do something about it.
🎬 History made: President Trump signs historic deal with China
Senate Approves USMCA Trade Deal in Landslide Vote
-New York Post
The Senate in a landslide vote Thursday passed a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, giving President Trump his second high-profile trade win in as many days,” Mark Moore reports. USMCA will replace the Clinton-era, job-killing NAFTA and “passed by a 89-10 vote, sending it to the president’s desk for his signature.”
VP Pence: ‘USMCA Is a Huge Win for American Workers and American Farmers’
Pelosi’s Impeachment Offenses
-The Wall Street Journal
“The Senate can now do better by the Constitution by holding a trial that judges President Trump without validating the partisan House process and its weak case . . . The House hearings blocked GOP witnesses and limited cross-examination. Despite selective leaks and a pro-impeachment media, they failed to move public opinion,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. 

MORE: “A normal court would reject a dishonest prosecutor like Adam Schiff”

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