Friday, January 10, 2020

Oh, No! You Don't Wanna Mss THESE Stories!

Trump Wins His Standoff with Iran
-The Washington Post
“When Trump drew his red line—warning Tehran that if it killed even one American, the United States would respond militarily against Iran—the regime never expected him to enforce it. His decision to kill Soleimani clearly stunned Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and left his regime chastened,” Marc Thiessen writes.
Press Secretary: Biased media was practically “mourning” for Soleimani
Record 158,803,000 Americans Employed; 1.85M Year-to-Year Increase
Today’s jobs report brings more good news: “The number of employed Americans—158,803,000—set a 25th record under President Trump . . . In December, the number of unemployed Americans, 5,753,000, matched the Trump-era low set in September 2019. The unemployment rate remained at its 50-year low of 3.5 percent,” Susan Jones reports.
MORE: Wages are rising fastest for blue-collar Americans!
Washington Tries, And Fails, To Defend Nancy Pelosi’s Failed Impeachment Strategy
-The Federalist
“In the immediate aftermath of Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hold the Articles of Impeachment rather than send them to the Senate, not even the most pro-Pelosi hacks in existence could make the case for the strategy. The same question ping-ponged through DC greenrooms: ‘Is she really doing this?’” Ben Domenech writes.
 Wasn’t impeachment supposed to be “urgent”?
Nancy Pelosi’s Pointless War-Powers Ploy
-New York Post
“Speaker Nancy Pelosi just pushed through a bill aiming to limit President Trump’s ability to hit Iran, even though the crisis is over. Why? Thursday’s House passage of her war-powers resolution is almost certainly pure symbolism. Nothing like this is going to pass the Senate, and even if it did its constitutional status would be dubious,” the New York Post editorial board writes. 
Ivanka Trump Talks Investment in U.S. Jobs in CES Keynote, Gets Warm Reception
“Ivanka Trump talked about the current and future state of the U.S. workforce at CES — an appearance that was met with a fair amount of enthusiasm among the tech-industry attendees. In a keynote session Tuesday at CES in Las Vegas, the daughter of and adviser to President Donald Trump said the administration has worked to put in place multiple programs to retrain American workers and is looking for new ways to bring people into the workforce,” Todd Spangler reports.

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