Monday, August 24, 2020

Live Blogging The GOP Convention - Night One

  • From the very start the convention has been celebrating ordinary -- regular, everyday Americans. These are the type of people that Ronald Reagan called the REAL American heroes. And you are seeing them and hearing from them tonight.
  • These are the sam kinds of people that elite liberals routinely dismiss -- that they smirk at, condescend and cynically mimic. But, like most cynics, they know the price of everything and the value of nothing! The people that you are seeing and hearing from tonight are the real value of America -- they are its core. They are the solid gold core of our nation.
  • Now we're hearing from nurses and doctors who are giving actual, real live testimony to the effectiveness of President Trump's response to the COVID pandemic. The doctor (Dr. G. E. Ghali) is giving actual, front line examples of how Trump has positively and effectively addressed the crisis. And this is a man who recovered from COVID himself. This man is talking about the countless lives that President Trump's policies have saved.
  • Now the president is talking to first responders and frontline heroes who worked to fight the virus and helped those who were infected and those who were infected by it. Thhis is in the White House and its not only inspiring but it showcases President Trump's inherent and recognized talent as a master of the television medium. The president looks great. The man is amazing. His stamina is overwhelming.
  • Jim Jordan is next and he's a true star -- a rapidly emerging star in the GOP. And he's talking about the hypocrisy and contradictions of the Democrats' response to COVID. "I love the president's intensity," he says. He's also talking about the president's sensitivity and empathy toward others.
  • Now, Herschel Walker, the former NFL player. This is a guy who's known President Trump for decades. And he's talking about President Trump, the human being -- the family man, the friend, the leader that he has known. Walker was TERRIFIC!

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