Saturday, August 29, 2020

When They Ask You "Why Trump?" Say This . . .

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Here's an answer to those who say: “I can't believe you would vote for Trump." 
Tell them: I'm not just voting for Trump: 

  • I'm voting for the next Supreme Court justice. 
  • I'm voting for the Electoral College, and the republic we live in. 
  • I'm voting for the police, all the first responders and law and order. 
  • I'm voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this Country. 
  • I'm voting for the Second Amendment.
  • I'm voting for the Flag that is always missing from the Democrat background. 
  • I'm voting for new treatment for the Wuhan virus, a COVID vaccine by the end of the year and no more national lockdowns. 
  • I'm voting for fair trade deals that protect American workers, American products and American interests.
  • I'm voting for the First Amendment and the right to speak my opinion and not be harassed or censored. 
  • I’m voting for secure borders. 
  • I'm voting for American manufacturing and those three cherished words "Made in America."
  • I’m voting for the right to praise my God without fear. 
  • I’m voting for every unborn soul the Democrats want to extinguish. 
  • I'm voting for clean energy sources right in our own land and American energy independence.
  • I’m voting for freedom and the American Dream. 
  • I'm voting for an end to protracted foreign wars. 
  • I'm voting for other countries to finally pay their fair share to NATO, the UN and other multi-national alliances. 
  • I'm voting for less and less onerous government regulation and more economic freedom. 
  • I'm voting for school choice so every child has the opportunity to succeed.
  • I'm voting for opportunity zones and the revival of free enterprise and safe, vital neighborhoods in our most distressed areas. 
I'm not just voting for one person, I'm voting for and with people of every race, religion, color, creed, gender and sexual orientation. I'm voting for all of us and for the future of our whole country - one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.
I'm voting for America and putting America first.
What are you voting for?
H/T: Jerry Klein and many others.

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