Friday, August 28, 2020

Rioting, COVID, Nursing Homes, School Openings

You Cant Handle Rioting Radicals Like University Unrest
-New York PostRioting
“Since the 1960s, campus leaders have perfected a script. Student activists can take over administrative offices or the library. These violations are tolerated, as long as not too much is disrupted . . . In recent months, we have seen this script applied to city streets, where the costs are higher than having to bite your lip as inflamed 19-year-olds berate you,” R.R. Reno writes.
Justice Department Asks New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania for COVID Data on Nursing Home Deaths
-Just the News
“The Justice Department on Wednesday requested COVID-19 data from four states it says required nursing homes to accept residents infected with the coronavirus, policies that may have rendered elderly Americans ‘unnecessarily put at risk’ . . . [and] ‘which may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents,’” Daniel Payne reports.

MORE: President Trump takes action to further protect nursing homes
Trump Plan Would Cure School Re-Opening Chaos
“From Los Angeles to New York, and many stops in between, America’s public school teachers’ unions have demanded that schools remain physically closed, that police forces be defunded, and that unrealistic COVID-testing policies be implemented . . . These unions do not seem to care that it is the most disadvantaged students in our nation who will be most negatively affected by their decisions,” Kevin Nicholson writes.
Enough Is Enough: Trump Gave Veterans Real and Permanent Choice
-The Hill
“It’s been more than a year since President Trump ushered in the greatest improvement to veteran health care since World War II, and the media still refuse to credit him with this accomplishment. Reporters are playing word games instead of reporting the facts, and are failing to tell the public what millions of veterans know: the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has never worked better,” VA Secretary Robert Wilkie writes.
White House Announces $750M Deal for Abbott Labs' COVID-19 Rapid Test
-Fox Business
“The White House has announced a $750 million deal with Abbott Laboratories Thursday to buy 150 million of its new rapid coronavirus tests,” Lucas Manfredi writes. This major development in testing will save lives by further protecting America’s most vulnerable and will allow our country to get more Americans safely back to work and school.

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