Monday, August 24, 2020

Live Blogging GOP Night One, Part Two

  • The Georgia Democrat legislator Vernon Jones just stole the show at the GOP convention tonight. This proud, articulate, African-American gave a speech that should be heard again and again. 
  • And now Andrew Pollack, the father of a Parkland School shooting victim is telling yet another poignant, unforgettable story -- and one that speaks volumes about the leadership and humanity of President Trump. Pollack is an incredible, powerful speaker. "The safety of our kids depends on whether or not this man is re-elected."
  • And now the McCloskeys from St. Louis. It's stupefying that these people have been charged with a crime when the rioters who terrified their neighborhood and destroyed property have been charged with nothing! And these people, like Vernon Jones, are Democrats. "Trump brought us the greatest economy that we have ever seen, but the Democrats brought us nothing but destruction!"
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle is next and she is dynamic and forceful. She's also a bit loud and shrill. Without a big, live , convention audience this doesn't work as well.
  • But, overall, for the most part, what we're seeing here is a stark contrast to the parade of Washington elite and celebrities that dominated the Democrat fest of self-important Privileged Ones. What we're witnessing tonight is real -- it's authentic; it's the same authenticity that President Trump epitomizes. It's the same authenticity that he brought to the campaign, the presidency and everything he's done and every part of his life. This realness is what America has been thirsting for. 
  • Now, one of the only pols to speak so far -- Congressman Steve Scalise. And who could possibly dislike this guy? And who could fail to admire his fortitude, courage and resolve? Do you remember when he was shot and almost killed by a left wing wacko?
  • Next, Pennsylvania's Sean Parnell, the son of Democrats who is now a GOP candidate for Congress. He talks about how the Democrats have come to have contempt hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic middle-class families like his own. This guy it very impressive!
  • One more note: Charlie Kirk, the leader of the huge (and growing) student group, Turning Point USA was amazing at the start of tonight's proceedings. 26 years old -- what a bright, rising star. He simply blew us away. Ditto, Kim Klacik, the Black candidate for Congress from Baltimore. She is incredibly charismatic. Bravo!

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