Monday, August 17, 2020

Ten Wonderful Reasons To LOVE August!

August is sort of the forgotten month.
Stuck somewhere between the 4th of July (everyone's favorite summer holiday) and the nondescript Labor Day, August often gets lost in the shuffle.
But August is a wonderful month -- a month that simply does not get enough attention and is wrongly unheralded.
Here are ten reasons to love August:

1) The month has no holidays -- no special days that you need worry about. So, in August every day is special and every day belongs to you.

2) Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. August invites you to linger. Indeed, the summer heat of August compels you to linger. Stretch out, gaze, daydream - do whatever you want!

3) Fresh sweet corn, tomatoes and peaches. All are at their peak in August and all are wonderful!

4) Julius Caesar. The great Roman emperor  extended our summer by adding two days to August in 753 BC. Now, August has 31 wonderful days!

5) The Perseids, a spectacular meteor shower which lights up the August sky every year and can be seen all across the northern hemisphere. 

6) The ocean water temperature which warms in August and becomes about as inviting as it's gonna be all summer. Wonderful!

7) Go Topless Day on August 23rd. What? You didn't know about this? It's about as frivolous a commemoration as you can imagine -- and great fun!

8) The fearless lion and the sun. Most August birthdays are blessed to be part of the most regal sign of the zodiac, Leo. Those born under Leo take the Lion as their mascot and rule as natural born leaders. Their planet is the sun.

9) Red, yellow and orange. The incadescent colors of August.

10) Augustus, the founder of the Roman empire who ruled from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD. The reign of Augustus initiated an era of peace known as Pax Romana. Were it not for Augustus, August would still be known as Sextilis, it's original name. Hey, we told you this was a sexy month. Enjoy!

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