Monday, August 24, 2020

Live Blogging GOP Convention - Part Three

  • Nikki Haley gave what sort of amounted to a keynote address tonight. She's poised, smart, astute and incredibly through and inspiring. Haley understood that, without a big convention hall and a huge, cheering audience, she needed to deliver a quieter, more intimate speech. And she more than met the challenge. She was hugely compelling.
  • Now we're hearing from Trump Jr. This kid is very intense. Here's the funny thing about all this -- when all the Kennedys got to be stars and got to speak and campaign and take their places on the public stage well, that was just wonderful. The adulation from the media and the elites was overwhelming. "Look at this family. Isn't this amazing?! This is Camelot!" That's what they had everyone gushing. But the Trumps? Oh. no -- they must be ridiculed, dismissed, damned and endlessly denounced. 
  • The GOP and Trump are really pushing school choice this year. And it's a great issue. It really resonates. Hooray!
  • BTW: The Cuban-American businessman who spoke earlier and warned of the dangers of socialism and communism blew us away. His personal story, told in his own words and with a lump in his throat is something that every American should be compelled to watch -- especially young Americans who know so little of history.
  • Again, the use of so many real voices and real people is very powerful tonight. 
  • Now, Senator Tim Scott. Here's another impressive Republican who's on the way up. "Do you want a society that rewards success or a culture that cancels everything that it even slightly disagrees with?"  Again, Tim Scott's personal story is remarkably compelling. Scott is talking about private sector opportunity zones for distressed communities. And again, he's hitting on school choice. You've got to think this is a powerful issue for minorities. Scott's remarks are superb and he deserves his prime time spot. He warns against the mistake of thinking that "things are worse today than they were in the 1860s or the 1960s." Scott is rockin the house tonight! And he looks great, too! "Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime!"
  • Also, lots and lots of talk about actions and policies tonight -- something missing at the Dem convention and this is (and has always been) a GOP strong point -- policy!
  • Whoever chose this Andrew Mellon auditorium in Washington as the backdrop for tonight made a terrific choice. Very impressive!

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