Saturday, August 15, 2020

What's The COMMA-Lah Caper Really All About?

Call her COMMA-lah.
That's the way her name is really pronounced. And she wants you to be sure that you say it that way.
It's an Indian epitaph for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi -- the goddess of wealth.
Because, Kamala Harris is Indian. Well, sort of. Her mother was Indian. So, Kamala counts herself as Indian but also as South Asian. Yet, her father is Jamaican. So, she uses that to count herself as African American. But we suppose she could also be called Caribbean or even kinda Central American. Still, there might be some who would claim her as "multiracial."
Indian. South Asian, Jamaican. Caribbean. Central American. African American. Multiracial.
You get the idea.
She could be anything -- or everything.
But, for purposes of her political career it seemed to be most advantages for her to identify as African American. So, that's what she's embraced even though it may be hard to find any African connections in her background.
But to liberals this is all OK -- just so long as she is non-male and non-white. Because she was chosen for her color and her gender. In other words, the Democrat Party, which constantly blames the other party for being racist and sexist, actually chose their vice presidential nominee on the basis of race and sex.
Makes sense, right? Of course!
Because for identity politics purposes, Kamala checks all the boxes. Any of the "minority" groups we mentioned can claim her as their own.
And this is precisely the way Biden and Harris want it.
They are a pair or brazenly opportunistic chameleons.
They can be whatever they have to be at any given time to gain and hold power. And they will do or say whatever they have to for the same purpose. They are coldly calculating career politicians who's business is the pursuit of power. 
Neither one of them has ever worked in the private sector. They've always been on the public payroll.
Biden's been at the public trough for 44 years. Harris has already charted 30 years. That's a combined total of 74 years. If they're elected, when you count Pelosi and Schumer (two more career politicians) the country's leadership will total 144 years in office.
If you like the Deep State; if you want politics as usual; if you enjoy finding out about onerous government regulations and big government policies and programs after they've been hoisted on you, then this is the team for you. Because Biden and Harris have absolutely no intention of leveling with you. They won't detail how they're going to move America forward. And they certainly won't tell you how they're going to raise taxes, squelch economic growth, cater to entrenched special interests or trample on your rights and liberties -- including your free speech and religious freedom. They'l just feed you plenty of platitudes and soothing pablum to get you from here to election day. Just look at Biden's TV ads. They amount to little more than feel-good gibberish and plagiarized nonsense about "buying American."
And Harris is on the ticket because she's perfectly suited for all this. She pretended to be tough on crime when she needed to be elected San Francisco District Attorney. Then she shifted to "redefining" a prosecutor's role when she successfully sought to be California Attorney General. For her US Senate run she pretty much moved to the full-on progressive side. And her voting record in the Senate has largely followed the Democrat's hard left switch. Mentored by an old-line machine politico, Harris posed as a trailblazing, maverick reformer. If you look back at Biden's career, he has similarly been all over the map and tracked much the same path.
These two stand for nothing other than themselves, their own vested interests and the interests of the power players that back them. They will protect the deeply ensconced  Washington establishment -- the ingrained inside-the-beltway establishment. And that includes the vast collection of bureaucrats, technocrats, consultants, pundits, career pols, academics, sycophants, and slimy parasites that comprise The Swamp. They will all continue to prosper.
And you? You will be left out.

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