Saturday, August 16, 2008


Word out of Washington is that McCain is said to be focusing on Romney, Liberman or Ridge with Pawlenty as an outside choice for Vice President. Still, Dick Morris thinks McCain could opt for a woman and that he might turn to Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. I think Kay Bailey would be a great choice.
On the other side there is increasing buzz about the possibility that Obama will pick John Kerry. I think it would be near hilarious if that happened: IF Obama picked Kerry and IF Kerry accepted. Could you just picture Teresa Heinz Kerry and Michelle Obama on the campaign trail? What a team that would make. And as for Obama and Kerry, that's sort of like green tea and arugula; white wine and brie, Starbucks and Perrier. For the limousine liberal crowd it would be near orgasmic.


Anonymous said...

white wine and brie, Starbucks and Perrier

Do you mean that Obama is too rich and elitist? But John McCain and his wife are worth tens of millions of dollars; they own some ten separate homes and vacation residences (including one that was a cover feature of Architectural Digest); and they paid their "help" over $130,000 in 2007.

Teresa Heinz Kerry married into her fortune. Cindy McCain was born into hers -- John McCain married into it. But Michelle and Barack Obama worked for their money.

Who's actually elite here?

Dan Cirucci said...

Obvioulsy you do not understand that elitism is hardly a matter of mere demographics. In fact, it's a state of mind as much as anything.
It's a way of looking at the world which says: "I'm smarter. I'm more refined. I know better."
Elitism exhibits disdain for Main Street and for ordinary, hard-working Americans. And elitism often includes a paternalistic attitide which says "Those who aren't as smart or as refined as me need to be taken care of" (usually by government). So, elitism is very much at home with Big Government and the idea of a permanent underclass that is watched over and administered to (rather benignly) by a social-service establishment supported by Big Government.
Elitism is comfortable in an urban environment on the East or West coast rather than the Midwest or the South. And elitism is dismissive of small town America.
Elitists are smug and hypocritical. They really DO think that "ordinary" people cling to "guns and religion" because they are "desperate."
John Kerry IS a snob. Tom Kean (also an easterner, a millionaire and prep school educated) is not. I could site other examples but hey, you either "get it" or you don't

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right, Dan. I too stupid to understand. 'Cause I don't understand how Barack Obama is the "elitist" when John McCain is the one who wears $500 Italian shoes and sends his kids to exclusive private boarding schools where the tuition exceeds $30,000 per year.