Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charter School Effort Wins Plaudits For Christie

Press of Atlantic City, “Christie's announcement shows another, better path to giving students at failing urban schools an option”:
“Gov. Chris Christie has targeted education reform - particularly reform of failing urban schools - as one of his key priorities. Most of his initiatives have merit. Most focus public resources and energy into the public school system. … Christie on Tuesday approved 23 new charter schools - four in Atlantic and Cumberland counties. Charter schools allows for innovation and some independence while still keeping public money in a system controlled by the public. Christie's announcement shows another, better path to giving students at failing urban schools an option.” (“Education reform / Drawing the line,” Press of Atlantic City, 1/20/2011)

The Record, “[Governor Chris Christie’s] commitment toward charter schools is good news”:
“Governor Christie announced Tuesday that the state has approved 23 new charter schools. … Charter schools generally do better than the failing regular school in the same community. … Christie gets credit for vowing to close poorly performing charters and speeding up the process for creating new ones. All of this is good if it is part of a larger dialogue to improve public education. … We believe charter schools can be an important part of the public-education mix. We would like to see more charters created with mission statements like the Bright Horizon Charter School, one of the 23 named new charters on Tuesday. While open to all students, it is designed to serve foster care students or students at risk of being placed in foster care. Charters that deal with some of the core problems facing children in troubled communities can do a great service. Christie takes pride in having big ideas. There is no bigger or more important idea than reforming and improving public education. The governor has everyone's attention, and that is no small feat. His commitment toward charter schools is good news.” (“Public education,” The Record, 1/19/2011)

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