Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peggy Noonan: Obama SOTUS Was 'Flat, Mushy'

Peggy Noonan is out with a great column about Obama's State of the Union speech.
Peggy had hoped the speech would soar. She was cheering for Obama to succeed. She really wanted a great, inspiring speech -- a genuine game-changer.
She didn't get it and she's disappointed. Here's part of what she has to say:
The State of the Union speech was not centrist, as it should have been, but merely mushy, and barely relevant. It wasted a perfectly good analogy—America is in a Sputnik moment—by following it with narrow, redundant and essentially meaningless initiatives. Rhetorically the speech lay there like a lox, as if the document itself knew it was dishonest, felt embarrassed, and wanted to curl up quietly in a corner of the podium and hide. But the president insisted on reading it. . . .
 As for small things and grace notes, there is often about the president an air of delivering a sincere lecture in which he informs us of things that seem new to him but are old to everyone else. He has a tendency to present banalities as if they were discoveries. "American innovation" is important. As many as "a quarter of our students aren't even finishing high school." We're falling behind in math and science: "Think about it."
Yes, well, all we've done is think about it.
Click here to read Noonan's entire analysis of the speech. It's worth reading!

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