Sunday, January 23, 2011

Casey & Toomey: Not Exactly A Bromance, But . . .

Pennsylvania US Senators Pat Toomey (a newly-elected Republican) and Bob Casey (an up-for-re-election Democrat) will sit together at this week's State of the Union joint session of Congress.
In doing so, they will break the long-standing tradition that has members of Congress sitting on opposite sides of the aisle according to party affiliation.
Here's what the senators have to say about it:

Senator Bob Casey:
“The simple act of sitting together in a normally divided chamber will send an important signal that legislating shouldn’t be about taking partisan sides…Senator Toomey and I will sit together as public officials representing all the people of Pennsylvania. I look forward to working together and hope the bipartisan spirit will continue for all Members of Congress.”
Senator Pat Toomey:
“I am proud to sit with my fellow colleague from Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey…There will be many opportunities for us to work together in the 112th Congress, and sitting next to each other is a small, but important step towards setting a civil and cooperative tone for the challenging work ahead of us.”

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