Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christie Signs New Bills Into Law

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed the following bills into law:

· S-725/A-3478 (Sacco, Ciesla/Wisniewski, Coughlin) – Concerns lost or stolen E-ZPass transponders

· S-1431/A-2781 (Scutari, Whelan/Ramos, Coughlin, Mainor) – Requires all wireless telephones and electronic communication devices issued by public entities to be activated to receive Amber Alerts

· S-1446/A-2915 (Cardinale, Girgenti/Johnson, Coughlin, Wilson) – Authorizes display of flashing amber warning lights on sanitation vehicles

· S-2315/A-2934 (Girgenti, Bateman/Scalera, Burzichelli) – Establishes State Public Safety Interoperable Communications Coordinating Council

· A-407/S-732 (Diegnan, Casagrande, Rodriquez, Coughlin/Sacco, Stack) – Prohibits use of wireless telephones or electronic communication devices by operators of public transit vehicles in certain situations

· A-1570/S-2319 (Scalera, Chivukula, Lampitt, Evans/Ruiz) – Requires New Jersey institutions of higher education to disseminate fire safety information about their facilities to students, parents or guardians, and employees

· A-2844/S-2022 (Lampitt, Moriarty, Greenstein, Milam, Albano/Madden) – Requires DCA to post on its website the current adopted budget of any county or municipality that does not maintain its own website; also requires posting of three immediately preceding adopted budgets

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