Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obamacare Cost Time Bomb Ticking Away

An excellent commentary by Timothy P. Carney in the Washington Examiner.
Here's part of what it says:
As one top Senate aid said of ObamaCare last summer, "This is a coverage bill, not a cost reduction bill."  More and more provisions will become enacted this year, and President Obama has yet to explain just how our already indebted nation will pay for all of the new "benefits."
In Massachusetts, similar subsidies, mandates and regulations quickly caused health insurance and health care costs to skyrocket, which forced lawmakers to drastically raise taxes and impose job-killing regulations on insurers. 
Similarly, Tennessee endured a budget crisis ten years after it imposed its 1994 state-run health insurance plan, which caused it to slash coverage for 170,000 people. 
What's the next phase of ObamaCare? Based on previous experiences with similar plans, it won't be good for the American taxpayer.  We can be sure that, despite the law's many failures, Democrats and President Obama will only continue to blame greedy insurers and irresponsible Republicans rather than own up to their mistakes.
Read more at the  Washington Examiner. It's worth your time to know the facts.

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