Wednesday, January 26, 2011

World's Ten Most Famous Movie Locations

Ever wonder what are the world's ten most famous movie locations?
The Eiffel Tower? The Statue of Liberty? The canals of Venice? Big Ben in London? How about Times Square?
The list of possibilities seems endless. One can think of exotic locations like Morocco or glamorous locations like Monaco or iconic locations like Mt. Rushmore or the pyramids. And then there are always seaside locations like Hawaii or Mexico or the Caribbean.
But what if I told you that one of the top locations was in Philadelphia. Yes, Philadelphia.
And I'm not talking about the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, either.
Every year, tens of thousands of residents and visitors make their way to the iconic Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to recreate and pay homage to Rocky’s famous run. No matter the weather, not a day goes by without more than a few people climbing those steps a la Rocky.
It’s actually amazing to think about just how many people visit the Art Museum steps to check out the statue, run up the steps, and admire the view from the top.
And now there’s a new Top 10 list that makes you realize just how famous the Rocky Steps really are. In fact, after Grand Central Station in Manhattan, the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art are the most famous movie location in the world according to Screen Junkies, a TV and movie site published by Break Media, which has just published their ranking of the 10 most famous movie locations in the entire world. The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Rocky Steps are #2.
The image of Rocky Balboa running up his now eponymous steps is definitely iconic in cinematic history. The film’s sequels, “Rocky 2” “Rocky 3” and “Rocky Balboa,” used the same location.
Making the trip up the steps, which lead up to the East Entrance of the museum, is regarded in Rocky’s honor as a symbol of perseverance and determination.
Once you reach the top, your reward is gratifying: a breathtaking view of the scenic Center City Philadelphia skyline.
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Photo: Philadelphia Museum of Art

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