Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Regis Philbin: I'm Leaving Regis & Kelly

Regis Philbin just announced, live on TV that this will be his last year on the morning Regis and Kelly show -- Live With Regis and Kelly.
"There is a time for everything to end and this is the time," Regis said.
Philbin said he was proud of his 28 years on TV. "I never dreamed this would happen to me," he explained as he teared up a bit and looked back over his career. Philbin says he feels very fortunate.. "It's been a wonderful run," he explained.
Regis said that his final live appearances on the show would come "in the summer or fall" but gave no other details. "This will all be worked out," he added.


Chris Taus said...

A career that has spanned decades. The thing this man has that most TV personalities don't have... is a real sense of humanity and reality when he speaks about his ordeals.

Dan Cirucci said...

I agree with you, Chris.
He's genuine -- and it shows.
It's hard to fake it on TV. Regis comes through and reaches the viewers in a warm. personal and engaging way.
There are fewer and fewer like him.
His longevity on the tube is a testament to his humanity.