Friday, January 28, 2011

ALERT: Dangers Of Using A Snow Blower

If you're using a snow blower these days, you're well-advised to take precautions.
Here's part of a story from The Record of North Jersey:

Dozens of North Jersey residents were injured in weather-related mishaps Thursday, including three men who underwent hand surgery at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson for serious snowblower accidents, officials said.
Richie Schlussel, of Englewood, clearing his driveway on Walnut Street using a snowblower. Experts are urging caution using the machines after treating several patients for hand injuries following Thursday's storm.
In all, nine people were treated at local hospitals for injuries sustained while trying to unclog snowblowers. Dr. Mark Rosenberg, chairman of emergency medicine at St. Joseph’s, blamed the heavy, wet snow for clogging the chutes of the machines and urged people to take precautions.
“The word to everybody is never put your hands or body parts anywhere near the snowblower chute,” Rosenberg said. “It can lead to devastating injuries.” Instead, machines usually come with a pole or wand that people can use to unclog a snowblower, Rosenberg said.
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