Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Live Naked Dancers In Atlantic City Casino Shows?

Topless and nudity are strictly prohibited in Atlantic City casino shows under New Jersey state regulations.
But now some people think such regulations ought to be loosened.
Already, Atlantic City casino stage shows feature scantily clad bodies is sexy performances that are all-but-nude.
And some casino execs and show producers seem to feel it may be time to push the envelope a bit further.
The question they're facing is this: Can Atlantic City really make it as a family destination or should the city simply position itself as an adult playground more like Las Vegas?
The resort needs to make a decision if it is to survive new competition from an increasing number of neighboring gambling venues.It can't necessarily be all things to all people.
One show producer says Atlantic City should consider going nude
“I just think it’s something that should be looked at. We’re not Vegas, but we are a helluva lot closer to Vegas than any place else, and we should be the Vegas of the East Coast. I think that should be embraced in the state level,” he told The Press of Atlantic City.
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