Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christie Launches Pro NJ Business Ad Campaign

The Christie Administration today announced the launch of a new advertising campaign asking businesses to relocate and invest in New Jersey. The ad campaign, which targets Illinois, comes on the heels of news that Illinois enacted a 67% increase in income tax rates and a 46% percent increase in corporate tax rates. The print and radio ads reiterate Governor Christie’s commitment not to raise taxes and makes clear that New Jersey is on the path to economic growth with stable, job-friendly policies.
The advertisements will begin running this week in key Illinois markets and business publications, including: the Chicago Tribune; the Springfield Journal; the Wall Street Journal, Chicago; and, Crain’s Chicago Business. The ad campaign follows a 553 letter personal appeal from Lt. Governor Guadagno sent to Fortune 500 companies and large/midsized business currently headquartered in Illinois that would be effected by the new tax increase.
“While state governments across the nation grapple with the budgetary problems caused by unsustainable levels of spending and weakened revenue sources, some misguided governments are looking to wring even more tax dollars from businesses and families. The job creators of our country are mobile, and they are looking for a climate that provides the certainty and stability that comes with a fiscally responsible government that manages its budgets accordingly,” said Governor Chris Christie.
“In New Jersey, we mean business. We’ve said ‘enough is enough’ and made the tough choices to cut spending. By providing a positive, pro-growth climate we are making it easier for businesses to Choose New Jersey and welcoming jobs and economic growth for our residents with open arms.”
Governor Christie has made economic growth and a friendlier business climate a top priority. Through the New Jersey Partnership for Action Christie Administration has implemented an aggressive economic development agenda, including overhauling state government's regulatory system and reducing the red tape that stifles economic growth and imposes costs on businesses and citizens.
After 115 tax and fee increases over the last 8 years, Governor Christie is breaking the pattern of higher taxes, increased spending and shortsighted economic policy that has plagued Trenton for decades. Governor Christie closed back-to-back budget shortfalls, amounting to tens of billions of dollars, without raising taxes. He rejected an attempt by the legislature to increase taxes on small businesses and individuals by $637 million. He sunset the corporate business tax surcharge, put a hard, two-percent cap on property taxes and protected businesses from an average $400 per employee, or 52%, increase in the unemployment insurance payroll tax.
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