Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Former TV Anchor DeMentri Cleared Of Charges

Here's an excerpt from a story by Dan Gross at the Philadelphia Daily News about former NBC 10 anchor Vince DeMentri  who beat a bum rap in the Big Apple.
We met Vince when he anchored the local news here and found him to be a likable guy. We hope he gets his job back. He's a good reporter and a fine TV personality. We're cheering for him.
"I paid an incredible price. I just want my life back," former NBC10 anchor Vince DeMentri said tonight just hours after a New York judge cleared him of any wrongdoing in a so-called road rage incident last May in which he was alleged to have slapped a limo driver in New York.

DeMentri, 47, was found not guilty of attempted assault over a May 18 confrontation with Hurley Senanayake, 55, the driver for the Bahamian Ambassador to the United Nations who said that DeMentri hit him through a partially open window during the argument over a parking space.

New York's WPIX-TV fired DeMentri, who was working as a reporter there, shortly after his arrest for the alleged assault. DeMentri said he would love to return to WPIX. "My life won't be complete until I have my job back," said DeMentri, adding that if he cannot return there he would like a job elsewhere.
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