Thursday, March 31, 2011

HUGE CHANGES: New Ways To View This Blog!

You can now view the Dan Cirucci blog in exciting new ways.
In fact, you can customize this blog to your own particular tastes and priorities.
Five new dynamic templates are available.
And to see them, all you have to do is type "/view" at the end of the URL above.
So, it's
When you do this, the blog morphs into an interactive mode much like the Flipboard app for the iPad.
You can transform the design of the blog anytime you want using these five new templates.

Flipcard - A series of squares and images arranged in a colorful, engaging, grid format.

Mosaic - A less structured, more involved pattern that looks almost like a newspaper.

Sidebar - A more strictly organized pattern with a story list on the left side.

Snapshot - Tumbled photos stressing images over words.

Timeslide - A three-columned date format.

So now, you can have the Dan Cirucci blog your way.
It's all part of the new Blogger. And it's just the beginning of many more exciting changes to come.
Try it -- and give us your feedback.

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