Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sen. Allen Backs Christie On Early Release Program

New Jersey Senator Diane Allen (R- Burlington/Camden), prime sponsor of legislation to repeal New Jersey's mandatory early release statute, issued this statement following Governor Christie's announcement that he has inserted repeal language into his conditional veto of S-2308:
"The Governor's action provides an additional path to repeal New Jersey's early release law, and I am pleased that he has put his full support behind this effort. With two homicides already committed by inmates released under the program, repealing this misguided policy should be priority number one for the Legislature. A growing chorus of law enforcement professionals has joined my call for ending New Jersey's early release program because it is a threat to public safety, and I encourage Legislative leaders to join our cause by scheduling a vote on repeal at the earliest possible date."
Early release is publicly opposed by the Burlington County Sheriff, the Camden County Prosecutor, and three unions representing New Jersey Corrections Officers: the N.J. Law Enforcement Supervisors Association, the N.J. Superior Officers Association and the N.J. Law Enforcement Commanding Officers Association.

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