Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hillary's New Boyfriend - Hint: It's NOT Obama

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton has always been attracted to strong, decisive men.
She likes the kind of guy who's ready for that 3 AM phone call -- the kind of guy who shares in the action and the passion of his times; the kind of guy who can match wits with her and other international movers and shakers.
She's attracted to a REAL leader -- someone with good instincts, sound judgment and a clear sense of himself.
She doesn't like a man who dithers or delays.
Hillary is attracted to the kind of guy who's untroubled by needless doubt and who isn't afraid to act.
In fact, experience shows that she finds real risk-takers quite appealing. She wants a go-for-it guy -- someone with boldness anchored in genuine maturity.
Which is why we were so puzzled when she went to work for Barack Obama. He just didn't seem like her type of guy.
But we suspect that Hillary always felt she was working for America -- working for us -- not Obama.
And indeed she is. For now she has shamed our listless leadership into action. She put her boss on the spot, and she won.
Of course, Hillary didn't do it alone.
She had a bit of help from her new guy pal.
Yes, Hillary's found her guy.
And it's not Obama.
Oh no, her new chum is Nicholas Sarkozy.
Now, this is a dynamic duo. Vive le France!

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