Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stigall: Philly's Bright New Morning Star!

When The Big Talker, WPHT 1210 AM radio in Philadelphia overhauled its talk lineup at the beginning of the new year, I was skeptical. And, I'm still sorry they dropped Sean Hannity in the late afternoon.
Nonetheless. I've always been a fan of Dom Giordano and was happy to see him move into the mid-morning spot. Dom's doing a great job. And thank goodness that Rush Limbaugh still reigns supreme from 12 to 3 weekdays.
But the happiest change of all is the addition of Chris Stigall at morning drive time.
The Chis Stigall Show is the brightest, wittiest, most engaging addition to Philly radio in many years.
Chis is not only genuinely funny but he's also incisive and clever. He picks up on stories and developments that you might not expect. Neither doctrinaire nor needlessly verbose, he never takes himself too seriously. He doesn't shout and he doesn't pontificate.
And here's the best thing of all: Chris doesn't spend the whole show talking about himself. Rather, he talks about the things that people really care about and he puts stories in perspective with insight and good humor. What's more, he really works at making his listeners an active, vital part of the program.
I'm impressed with the way that Chris (who came here from Kansas City) has immersed himself in The Philly Way -- the unique culture and environment of Philadelphia. He's really done his homework and he seems genuinely happy -- delighted, even -- to be here. He's uniquely qualified to tell us what a great town we have here and he doesn't hesitate to do so. But he's also got the common-sense midwestern bona fides to tell us when we're just not getting it.

Chris studied comedy writing and television production as an intern with Late Show with David Letterman in New York. His diverse background also found Chris taking two years away from the microphone to work as a representative and press assistant to U.S. Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06).
Chris has been a contributor to CNN and serves as a guest host for the country’s top talk show hosts including Senator Fred Thompson, Michael Savage, and Lou Dobbs.
This guy's got a bright future and we are lucky to have him here in Philadelphia.
BTW: The one-two punch of Chris and Dom in the AM appears to be a perfect match -- the newcomer followed by the consummate "Philly guy". The two hosts banter easily and seem to get along well. It's dynamite.

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