Monday, March 28, 2011

Will Japan Sell Off US Debt Holdings?

The Washington Times has a warning about America's $14 trillion (and growing!) debt.
And the warning is ominous.
It goes like this: Japan may sell off some of its US debt holdings. If that happens, it could spell the beginning of financial calamity in America.
Here's an excerpt from this fine story:
Some lawmakers and market analysts are expressing rising concerns that a demand for capital by earthquake-ravaged Japan could lead it to sell off some of its huge holdings of U.S.-issued debt, leaving the federal government in an even tighter financial pinch. . . .
“This natural disaster in Japan concerns me that it could speed up what’s coming, because they are the second leading buyer of our debt,” Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, told The Washington Times. “Small degrees of differences in how much they buy of our debt, I think, can make a big difference in interest rates that we have to pay people to buy our debt.”
With the federal government having piled up $14.2 trillion in debt, budget experts are warning that the country is on an unsustainable fiscal path.
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