Saturday, March 19, 2011

Haddonfield And The Bistro: A Perfect Combo!

In the shadow of Philadelphia, you'll find a small town rich in history with an old-fashioned main street, delightful shops, friendly merchants and neighbors with no small amount of genuine civic-pride.
On October 23, 1682, when he took up a tract of 400 acres, Francis Collins became the first settler within the boundaries of what is today Haddonfield, New Jersey. An English Quaker and a bricklayer by trade, Collins built his house, "Mountwell". Other settlers would soon follow.
Haddonfield flourished throughout the 18th century; by the Revolution it was the largest village in the area. One reason for its growth was water transportation via the Cooper's Creek; Haddonfield was at the terminus point where boats could be flatted. From this strategic point goods would have to be brought for shipment or incoming goods must be unloaded. Haddonfield also had an advanced road system, leading to what is now Camden and Gloucester City and to Salem and Burlington.
Both the Council of Safety and the New Jersey legislature, on the run from the British, met on a number of occasions in Haddonfield throughout 1777. Many of the famous names of the Revolution passed through Haddonfield, including Lafayette, Generals Morgan, Greene, Wayne and Pulaski, the Polish Count; British leaders included Sir Henry Clinton, Lord Cornwallis and a Hessian Commander, Colonel Donop.
Today, Haddonfield is a thriving, leafy community and one of the most desirable places to live in the Philadelphia region.
There are many nice places to dine in this lovely town. One of our favorite informal spots is The Bistro at Haddonfield (formerly the Corner Bistro) on Kings Highway and Tanner St. right in the heart of town. The Bistro is a cross between a corner restaurant and a dinner. This place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and almost everything that you order is going to be fresh and tasty. On a nice day we like to sit outdoors under The Bistro's bright awnings. The place does such a thriving business that they've recently expanded next door. The management and staff are very friendly. And here's a special secret: You won't find a better (or more reasonably priced) weekday breakfast anywhere!

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