Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stars. Others React To Death Of Elizabeth Taylor

Following are some of the many, many reactions of notables (collected from various sources) pouring in regarding the death of Elizabeth Taylor:

"Elizabeth Taylor was the last of the great glamour stars. She was the longest-running soap opera in history, and represented all the allure and tragedy that attracts people to Hollywood."
 - British director Michael Winner.

"We have just lost a Hollywood giant; more importantly, we have lost an incredible human being."
- Elton John.

"Elizabeth Taylor was the last of the Hollywood greats, and a fantastically charming woman."
- Tweet from singer George Michael.

"Elizabeth, thank you for all your help in the battle for HIV and AIDS. You will be missed by the world."
- Tweet from former basketball star Magic Johnson, who is infected with HIV.

"She leaves a monumental legacy that has improved and extended millions of lives and will enrich countless more for generations to come."
- Statement from amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.

"She was the most amazing woman. When she walked into a room, she just had the most amazing presence about her. She was just incredible."
 - Designer Elizabeth Emanuel.

"Elizabeth and I began our careers about the same time at MGM. Throughout her tumultuous life, she will be remembered for some unique and memorable work. And she will be ever remembered and appreciated for her forthright support of AMFAR."
 - Actress Angela Lansbury.

"In a career spanning more than 70 years and 50 films, her talent endured the test of time and transcended generations of moviegoers. She truly was an American icon, whose legacy went far beyond her acting skills, most notably in her efforts to lead the battle against HIV/AIDS."
 - Chris Dodd, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America.

And here are more from Twitter:

Steve Martin: “I met Elizabeth Taylor several times. She was witty and self-deprecating, which I found surprising and delightful. She loved to laugh.”

Mario Lopez: “God bless Elizabeth Taylor. One of the last true Hollywood legends.. What a lady, what a life..”

The Office actress/writer/producer Mindy Kaling:  “White Diamonds was the first fancy thing I owned in my life. Elizabeth Taylor is the first person so glamorous you wanted to smell like her.”

Jane Fonda:  “I knew elizabeth Taylor and I can tell you she was kind, brave, generous and loyal. I am sad.”

Richard Roeper:  “Elizabeth Taylor was a silver screen legend, a tabloid favorite 50 years before Brangelina and a tireless worker for noble causes. RIP.”

Joan Rivers:  “Sad to hear of Elizabeth Taylor’s death. She was the 1st major celebrity to join me in the fight against AIDS when it wasn’t a popular cause”

LeAnn Rimes:  “RIP Elizabeth Taylor. It’s so amazing how someone has left such a legacy that will forever live on. I am really, truly saddened this morning”

Larry King:  “Elizabeth Taylor was a great friend, a great star and one gutsy woman. She was so special. You won’t see the likes of her again…”

Magic Johnson:  “Elizabeth, thank you for all your help in the battle for HIV and AIDS. You will be missed by the world.”

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn:  “RIP Elizabeth Taylor (proud to say my original TV stepmommy). A class act by all that I know that knew her. Tony thought she hung the moon”

Marlee Matlin:  “So VERY shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. A true Hollywood legend and humanitarian and friend. RIP”

Sports guy Bill Simmons:  “RIP, Elizabeth Taylor. This can’t be forgotten: early-1960′s Liz was the George Washington of Mount Babemore. Total package.”

Comedian Thomas Lennon:  “Just me, or are we all hoping Liz picks Burton for her Heaven Husband?”

Bethenny Frankel:  “such a sad when a legend like Elizabeth Taylor pass away.fitting that it’s gloomy&rainy in ny.A place of sadness”

Kirstie Alley:  “Elizabeth…thank u for the lessons u taught me about life..suffering and Joy….you are the BRIGHTEST STAR in the universe..Eternal love”

Kate Walsh:  “Elizabeth Taylor, rest in peace. What an extraordinary woman. JUST talking about ‘furious love’ yesterday. Xxxxxx”

Stephen Fry:  “RIP Dame Elizabeth Taylor, surely the last of a breed…”

Michael Ian Black:  “I like to think that the first person Elizabeth Taylor sees in heaven is Michael Jackson. I hope heaven is weird like that.”

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