Monday, March 21, 2011

War With Libya: Is Hillary Hero Or Scapegoat?

In Washington the word is that "War is Hill."
That's the clever play on words they're using to describe America's intervention in Libya which some are also calling "Hillary's War."
Yes, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did seem to be clamoring for this action.
Yes, she did seem to be disgusted with President Obama.
And yes, she did appear to make her feelings (and frustrations) known through classic Washington channels: leaks, hearsay and innuendo.
But be careful before you make Hillary the hero and target Obama as the indecisive dumbbell in all this.
We'll get back to that.* 
First, however here's a snippet from the New York Post:
It's "Hillary's war."
President Obama yesterday kicked soccer balls and listened to children playing music in Rio de Janeiro as US warplanes attacked Libya in a mission being credited by some to the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"Thank God for strong women in the Obama administration," Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) said on "Fox News Sunday."
Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he didn't know how many thousands of people had died in Libya before Obama took action.
"I don't know what finally got the president to act, but I'm very worried that we are taking a back seat rather than a leadership role," he said.
Hillary Clinton
Clinton, who announced last week that she would quit at the end of Obama's term in 2012, has spearheaded the US response to the uprising against Libyan madman Moammar Khadafy since the rebellion began a month ago.
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*Now -- back to a bit of political conjecture.
Hillary's got her name on America's newest war.
And Obama is in Latin America looking hip, cool and casual. In his eyes, no doubt he's also looking confident and in command. Nothing unsettles a man who proceeds with aplomb.
But I think there's more to this. And therein lies the potential trap for Hillary or anyone who dares mess with Obama.
Because if this effort fails, it's on Hillary. Obama & Co. will blame her. She's the culprit, they'll argue. After all, Obama wasn't fully engaged. He simply (and barely) acquiesced -- after a fashion. That's how they'll play it. So, she could go even sooner that 2012. She takes the fall. And any future political prospects that she had take a major hit. She becomes anathema to the party's left wing as well. And Obama wouldn't mind that one bit.
But if the mission succeeds -- well, then Obama takes the credit. He's the hero. He's the champion. He's the tough guy -- strong, resolute, decisive.
Remember: This guy learned at the feet of Chicago's political masters.
And with him, all things are political. ALL things.
And ultimately, it's all about him and his greater glory.
So, he'll throw anybody under the bus if he has to. To Obama, Hillary represents a credibly way out -- a believable denial. And that denial is there if he needs it.
On the other hand, if the coalition triumphs in Libya, Mr. Cool is front and center.
Count on it.

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