Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Philly: Sayde Ladov For CP Court Judge!

Every two years, people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vote for qualified judges to fill vacancies on the bench. 
On May 17, Philadelphians will have an opportunity to select as many as 10 new judges to serve on the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia. 
Sayde Ladov is running for one of those positions.
We know Sayde and we can tell you this: There is no one running for this position this year who is more qualified, more committed, more sensitive to the needs of the people of Philadelphia or more worthy of election to this office. Sayde  will make a great judge because she is a great person -- and an accomplished lawyer and litigator.
Simply stated, Sayde has litigated matters in all divisions (Civil Trial, Family, Orphans and Criminal) of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.  As a result of her vast and varied experience, Sayde believes that it is critical for all litigants to come before a fair, competent, and impartial judge who can ably preside over a trial and truly make it a search for the truth, which is then correctly applied to the law
In short, Sayde has strived over a 30 year career to make sure that the playing field remains level for all litigants regardless of race, religion, gender, and economic status.
Learn more about Sayde by exploring this website by clicking here. 
If you have further questions, you can reach out to her campaign by clicking here..
Tell your friends and neighbors. Get involved. Help put Sayde Ladov on the Common Pleas Court.

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