Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is China Ready To Dump The Dollar?

There's an ominous story out of China.
A story that does not bode well for the dollar.
And if the dollar falls as the international currency standard, America will face economic calamity the likes of which it has not seen.
Here's an excerpt of a revealing story from Yahoo News and Reuters: 
Dollar dominance is sowing the seeds of financial turmoil, and the solution is to promote new reserve currencies, a Chinese government economist said in a paper published on the eve of a G20 meeting about how to reform the global monetary system. Although not an official policy statement, the paper by Xu Hongcai, a department deputy director at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, offered a window onto the domestic pressures bearing on Beijing to move away from a dollar-centric global economy. . . .
Xu's paper, "Reform of the international monetary system under the G20 framework," was published in Chinese on the center's website this week (
"Nations around the world have no way of restricting dollar issuance by the Federal Reserve. The current international monetary system lacks both stability and fairness," Xu wrote.
This bears close watching.
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