Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As Obama Falters, Matthews Gets Slammed

As President Obama falters, Chris Matthews seems to look dumber (and more like a sorry suckup) every day.
And now Matthews is coming in for more and more criticism.
After all, it was Matthews who helped to create the myth of Obama as The Savior. And it's been Matthews who has worshiped at the alter of Obama for more than three years.
But now, the veil is being lifted and the shrine that the media (with Matthews leading the way) erected to Obama is starting to crumble.
And the the truth is finally being spoken.
Here's what Tucker Carlson had to say about Matthews on Fox News last night:
“It’s excruciating for Chris to listen to other people talk. You can see the kind of pain in his face but, y’know, he’s spent the last couple of years just sucking up to this guy [Obama], sniffing his throne really in an obsequious and embarrassing way, humiliating himself on behalf of Obama. It must be difficult to watch what’s happened to the country.”
“Well, very few people have done more to divide the country than Chris Matthews, I would say. So it’s very hard to hold him up as someone who brings us together because he’s very much a divider.”
 Go, Tucker, go!

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