Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Philly Flash Mob Attacks: This MUST Stop

Last night there were two more Philly flash mob attacks in center city.
One occurred near 15th & Chestnut and the other was near Walnut and Juniper. In both cases innocent people were attacked. In one case a man was severely injured. One of the incidents involved an 11-year-old perpetrator. At least one young person was part of both attacks.
Once again pedestrians in center city were victimized and the evening was disrupted by these dangerous and unconscionable attacks. One attack is one too many but these attacks have occurred far too often.
The city must crack down on this brazen lawlessness.
EVERY responsible organization in the city must speak up and demand action. Groups such at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Center City Proprietors Association, the Center City District, the Tourist and Convention Bureau, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, condo owners associations, neighborhood groups and similar organizations should band together and speak with one voice. And they should demand action now. They should also insist that these young hooligans be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
This situation simply CANNOT be tolerated any longer.

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