Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Those Phightin Phils And Looming October

It's the end of July and the Phillies are hot, hot, hot.
Last night's inside-the-park home run by Chase Utley had the fans in a state of euphoria. The Phils have now set a new club record for avoiding consecutive losses.
Each key franchise that the Phils face is viewed as a harbinger of things to come: Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, even Pittsburg.
If the Phils sweep the Giants or the Braves or the Sox now does that really mean anything? Does that say anything about what might happen in the fall?
I hope it does. But I don't think so.
The Phils will have a great record this year -- maybe the best of ny team in the majors.
But the playoffs and the World Series are a whole different matter. Literally and figuratively it's a whole 'nother ball game.
July and August are not September and October.
So many things can happen between here and there -- so many twists and turns. And baseball is a quirky game. It depends on a complex set of variables.
It's just like in politics -- now is not then and primary elections are not general elections.
So it'll take patience and nail biting and crossed fingers between now and then. It's a long and winding road.
Hang in there Phillies fans,

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