Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unmasking The REAL Harry Reid

A special alert regarding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would like you to believe that he's hard at work protecting the so-called "little guy". Ignore for a moment the millions he's made doing real estate deals or his powerful supporters (like casino mogul Steve Wynn ), Reid is all about "the little guy".
You can really see how deeply he cares for "the folks" when you read his remarks after the Senate killed the House's "Cut, Cap and Balance" plan yesterday, which he said was a waste of the Senate's time.
To recap: The "Cut, Cap and Balance" plan was designed to implement substantial cuts in current spending in order to reduce the deficit immediately, put into place enforceable spending caps that would lead to a balanced budget; and passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment that would ensure that the current fiscal crisis wouldn't be easily repeated.
Reid and his Senate allies would be in opposition to this plan simply because it dares attack the main reason for the oncoming budget calamity: entitlements for senior citizens, namely Social Security and Medicare.
Putting aside all of the empty rhetoric, the inarguable fact is that both programs are staring at complete financial Armageddon, sooner rather than later. As baby boomers age, fewer and fewer taxpayers are available to pay for more and more recipients, and that's a recipe for disaster.
Democrats will continue to forestall any attempts on behalf of Republicans to make any serious changes simply because doing so is worth millions of votes come November 2012. And voters in their infinite wisdom will either buy into the Democrats shameless lies or not pay enough attention to the problem in hopes that it will go away.
Regardless, Harry Reid can continue to fight for the little guy, people like billionaire Steve Wynn and wealthy Nevada real estate developers.
HatTip: National Tea Party Alert.

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