Saturday, July 16, 2011

Video: Lightening Kills Dad, Son 48 Years Apart

The story seems almost too unbelievable.
But it is true. And it did really happen in Hammonton, NJ -- a rural community near the Jersey shore.
In a Hammonton backyard that 54-year-old Stephen Rooney was struck by lightning at a family barbeque July 3rd as he stepped away from the crowd to light a cigar. Just before he was hit, Rooney downplayed concerns about the lightning.
"He had just said that lightning doesn't strike two people in one family right before it happened, not long before it happened, he said that,"a neighbor commented.
Well, yes -- lightning is not supposed to strike twice. But in this case it did.
Steve Rooney's father George was also killed by lightning 48 years ago when Steve was just five years old.
The odds of this happening to both a father and a son are astronomical. But it did happen, almost five decades apart.

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