Thursday, July 28, 2011

Report: Runyan Leaning Toward Yea On Boehner Plan

There's a good story about New Jersey first-term Republican congressman Jon Runyan in this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer.
Runyan has spent his time thus far in Congress listening, learning and trying to make a positive difference when and where he can.
And, he's also written some bills and watched out for his sprawling district which stretches from the New Jersey coast in Ocean county clear across the state to the Philly burbs.
Here's a brief excerpt from the story:
"I have this unique ability to tie anything that happens to sports," Runyan said. Earlier this year, GOP representatives were fighting over pet causes to insert in the continuing resolution needed to keep the government running. Runyan stood up in a meeting and told them to knock it off.
"I was saying that I've been on football teams with that kind of fracture, especially when you're winning. People think, 'We're out front, so I'm doing my thing,' " Runyan said. "But that's not what got you there. You got there by working together."
He thinks his remarks helped Speaker John A. Boehner corral the members and get the job done.
This week, as Boehner tried to rally wayward Republicans around his latest debt-ceiling plan, Runyan was reportedly assuring the GOP caucus that he was on board. Though the plan was "not perfect," a Runyan aide said, "it prevents default."
I tend to agree with Runyan. The Boehner bill isn't perfect but it's preferable to the alternatives. We must be practical and remember that the perfect is the enemy of the good. 
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