Monday, July 25, 2011

How A Beautiful Bromance Went Bust

IT SEEMED THE MOST unlikely romance imaginable. One, a Democrat; the other, a Republican. One a (nominal) liberal; the other a (sometimes) conservative. One a high-school grad and labor organizer; the other a successful lawyer with key contacts in the business sector. One an advocate for government; the other a tough prosecutor who sent corrupt government officials to jail. One a Phillies fan; the other a Mets fan. One from bustling North Jersey; the other from more rural South Jersey.
And yet, it seemed to work. These two certified Big Guys somehow managed to wrap their arms around one another and feel a connection. It was as if actors James Gandolfini and Kevin James had suddenly fallen in love and wanted the whole world to know about it.
But it wasn't . . . . . 
Click here to read the rest of my column from today's Philadelphia Daily News.


Sean Schafer said...

This was a great piece Mr. Cirucci. Humorous, witty and a fun piece to read. I was reading in the paper with no thought of the byline until I realized how interestingly accurate of a portrayal it was. I then made a quick glance and of course, I should have known. Bravo.

Dan Cirucci said...

Thanks, Sean.
I hope you're well and prospering.
Please keep in touch.