Monday, July 18, 2011

The Eerie Echo Of Carter Amidst Obama's Failure

Nobody has to remind me about Carter and what a disaster he was.
I lived through it
I experienced it.
I know.
It was a low point for our nation: incompetent, innefective leadership.
It was amateur hour in the White House.
Now, I fear we're witnessing it all over again.
It's all too familiar. The scenario is all too similar. The words, the mood, many of the experiences -- all the same.
But don't take my word for it. Listen to the echos of Carter in the words of Obama -- with thanks and appreciation to Laura Ingraham and MEDIAite.


Josh said...

The difference is that there is no Ronald Reagan amidst the Republican presidential field.

Romney, for all his strengths, is not entirely trusted by the GOP base. And once the other candidates, not to mention Obama, finally get around to attacking him, expect them to try to brand him as a real life Gordon Gekko.

Bachmann has many of the same electability problems as Sarah Palin would - too polarizing, too controversial, too much focus on social issues when the public's mind is far more focused on fiscal issues, etc.

Pawlenty is bland and won't excite anyone. And when he had his chance to shed that label and actually go after Romney to his face, he choked.

Herman Cain? Rick Santorum? Ron Paul? Puh-leeze.

Obama may win re-election for this reason alone.

Dan Cirucci said...

At this time in 1979 Ronald Reagan was considered a right-wing loon and a has been.
He had tried for the presidency two or three times and failed.
He hadn't been Governor of California in quite some time.
The front-runner (if there was one) was George Bush.
In fact, it wasn't till that famous debate in New Hampshire (after he shook up his staff) that Reagan began to gain momentum. And even as his nomination became near-inevitable, he was still written off as the representative of am extreme fringe of the party. As the campaign began, nobody really expected him to defeat Carter.
Don't get ahead of yourself, Josh. And don't fall for the current line from old liberal media.