Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama Makes Up Poll Numbers In Bogus Appeal

During his windy news conference today President Obama argued that Americans want higher taxes.
And then he added that 80 percent of Americans support a tax increase to lower the federal debt.
It's an interesting figure -- a startling finding.
There's just one problem with it. It ain't true.
Leading poller Scott Rasmussen was just on the air debunking the President's figure. No poll shows people supporting a tax increase.
This should surprise no one. Republicans swept the 2010 congressional elections on a no tax hike, lower spending pledge. This was a cornerstone of their campaign and they won a huge victory.
Do you really think that could have happened if 80 percent of the voters supported higher taxes and continued mammouth government spending? I doubt it.
Ordinary, common-sense Americans want a halt to runaway taxing and spending.
Oh, and one other thing: Do you remember Obama saying that no one would have to pay higher taxes if he was elected President? I wonder what happened to that pledge.

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