Monday, July 25, 2011

Coulter Draws Huge Philly Crowd; Praises Christie

Here's a part of the HUGE crowd that turned out in Philly earlier tonight to dine with Ann Coulter at Union Trust steak house and get the scoop from Coulter on her new book, Demonic, as well as her views on the national political scene. As you can see the line of people waiting to get in stretched as far as the eye could see. Who says there aren't any conservatives in the Philadelphia region?

Congratulations to Chris Stigall of The Big Talker, WPHT, 1201 AM radio in Philadelphia and his Red Meat Tour.
Chris completely sold out the Union Trust steak house tonight for a wonderful Evening With Ann Coulter, the New York Times Number One Best-Selling author and leading conservative commentator.
It was great to be on hand with the effusive and funny Chris Stigall and so many happy conservatives. Chris has been like a breath of fresh air on local radio here in Philadelphia. He's a smart, witty, very human and highly engaging radio personality -- a nice guy and a real common-sense conservative.
During the evening Coulter asked everyone to write to Mary Pat Christie and tell her to urge her husband to run for president. "Tell her he'll get to live and work at home (it's an easy commute) and get to spend lots of time with her and the kids," Coulter said. Obviously, Coulter had high praise for Christie calling him "a man with a high IQ who also knows how to communicate and tell the truth" and extolling him as "courageous."
Of course, Chjristie has said he's not running for president.
So, Coulter predicted that if Christie is not the nominee the Republican Party will probably nominate Mitt Romney and she described Romney as "acceptable and electable." Coulter told the crowd that "we have to focus on winning. We can defeat Barack Obama." And she reminded them: "Romney isn't McCain."
Coulter said the Democrat Party has now become the party of  public employees and she thanked Christie for taking on "the huge issue" of this monstrous sea of government workers with their benefits and pensions. "If the boss is not asking you to work more and earn less you don't need a union," Coulter explained. "And government is not asking its employees to do either."
Coulter was dazzling as usual. And Stigall was nothing less than ebullient. 
It was a great night with good friends and smart people!

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