Thursday, July 28, 2011

Live Blogging (With Rembrandt) From Art Museum

I'm live blogging this morning from the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is about to unveil a wonderful new exhibit called Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus.
This is the first major exhibition of Rembrandt at the Philly Art Museum since 1932 so it's quite significant.
This show comes directly from The Louvre and marks this Museum's first collaboration with The Louvre. At The Louvre this exhibition drew a quarter of a million people and the Philadelphia Museum of Art expects it to be a major attraction here.
At this exhibition you will see many works by Rembrandt including a remarkable depiction of Jesus that has not been seen in this country for decades.
We don't get to see Rembrandt paintings that much outside of Europe so this exhibition is a very special treat.
The Museum has made special efforts to reach out to faith communities to generate interest in the exhibition. Tonight there will be a special reception for faith and religious communities.
The Museum will present an interfaith forum on the exhibition. the forum will include Catholic, Protestant and Jewish representatives.
In depicting Christ Rembrandt decided to challenge tradition and present a truly human view of Jesus. He gave us a new view of Jesus -- one that we could relate to on a personal, human scale. At the same time he was imparting this view to his own students.
These are said to be some of Rembrandt's most ambitious works.By viewing these paintings we get to watch Re,Brandt innovate and we also get to watch Rembrandt interacting with his Jewish neighbors in Amsterdam.

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