Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cherry Hill Introduces New Police Vehicles

A special message from Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn:

The Cherry Hill Police Department will put into rotation several new police vehicles that look drastically different from the cars Cherry Hill residents have come to recognize. 
Because their design is such a contrast from what we’re accustomed to seeing, my administration felt it prudent to alert residents to the change. 
The new black-and-white Dodge Chargers are marked with “Cherry Hill Police” in large lettering on each side. There is also a small Cherry Hill Police triangle on the front quarter panel of each vehicle. The new decals are made of a highly reflective material that will alert oncoming drivers to the fact that they’re approaching a police vehicle stopped in the roadway – a feature that will ultimately increase officer safety. 
The move to the new vehicles is part of a regular rotation within our municipal fleet; the Chargers replace the Ford Crown Victoria, which is no longer manufactured.

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