Monday, July 23, 2012

How Our Mindless Sports Obsession Disorders Us

Certainly, the NCAA has extracted a high price from the Penn State football program and one must question whether Penn State will be able to recover anytime soon. And it's a shame that players are being penalized as well.
However, on a broader note PSU's unpardonable actions, including the whole scheme and coverup are reflective of the corrosive role of sports in our society -- a mindless obsession that has ballooned all out of control -- not just in academia but everywhere, from little league right on through the pros.
Somewhere along the way, we've forgotten that it's-only-a-game: just a game; nothing more and nothing less. A game!
We've lost sight of that. We've lost perspective.
And now our thirst for the bloodlust of organized sports has invaded every aspect of our lives and is perverting our priorities and blinding us to what's really important. Sports today is not only a huge, invasive, oppressive business but in its outrageous excess -- at every level -- it has also become a sickness, even an addiction.
Sad. Distorted. Deranged.
What to do about it all?
Try this: Take a break. Walk away from sports for awhile. Put away your sports logo gear. Turn off ESPN. Put the sports page aside. Detox.
Instead, read a book. Go to a concert. Take walk. Visit a museum. Or simply engage in UNorganized play.
Not only will you (and the rest of us) survive but you'll feel better for it.

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