Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Businesses To Obama: Yes We DID Build It!

“Over the last week, small-business owners across the country have spoken out against President Obama’s belittlement of their success and accomplishments. While President Obama puts his faith in government, entrepreneurs and innovators deserve a president like Mitt Romney – who puts his faith in them.” – Ryan Williams, Romney Campaign Spokesman

Over The Last Week, Small-Business Owners Have Sent A Clear Message To President Obama – We Built Our Companies:

Lou Ramos, A 64-Year-Old Hispanic Veteran From Florida Who Owns An Information Technology Company, Said President Obama’s Comments Made Him “Almost Throw Up.”  “Lou Ramos, a small business owner from Tampa, will be at his local event. He owns an information technology and computer training company called Value Enterprise Solutions, Inc.  and he said the president’s comments made him ‘almost throw up when I heard it.’ Ramos is a 64 year old Hispanic veteran, serving in the military from 1973-97, including two tours at the Pentagon, and he said he did read and watch all of the president’s comments in context, not just the two sentences continually highlighted by the campaign.” (Shushannah Walshe, “Romney Camp Continues ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Attacks With Swing State Events,” ABC News, 7/25/12)

Snoopy’s Hot Dogs Co-Owner Larry Cerilli: “We Did Create This Business And We Are Insulted…”  LARRY CERILLI: “We both decided to put that sign up. It was a knee jerk reaction that I am glad I did. It was an answer to we did create this business and we are insulted, and I stand by it.” (WNCN-TV, 7/24/12)

Seek Careers Co-Founder Carol Schneider: “For Lack Of A Better Word, A Dumb Thing To Say. … It Got My Ire Up.” “Forty-one years ago, Carol Schneider, 75, and a neighbor founded Seek Careers/Staffing of Grafton. Schneider said she eventually became a sole operator in 1980 and for several years didn't take a salary. The firm now employs 60. She said Obama's comment ‘was, for lack of a better word, a dumb thing to say.’ ‘It got my ire up,’ said Schneider, who added that she puts in an 80-hour workweek.” (Bill Glauber, “Rhetoric Heats Up Over Obama 'You Didn't Build It' Quote,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/24/12)

Rob Gettemy – An Entrepreneur From Iowa – Said President Obama’s Comments Gave Him “A Deep Concern” That A President “Could So Misunderstand What’s Made America Great.” “Rob Gettemy of Marion, who said he has either been working for an entrepreneur, operating his own businesses or teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa for more than 20 years, said his reaction to Obama’s comment was ‘a deep concern more than anything that an American president – this could sound harsh – could so misunderstand what’s made America great.’” (James Q. Lynch, “Romney Campaign Highlighting Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Comment,” Cedar Rapids Gazette, 7/24/12)

JFP Owner Juan Ponce, On President Obama’s Comments: “Like Someone Just Slapped Me In The Face...”  JUAN PONCE: “It’s almost like someone just slapped me in the face and my father and now he’s a liar. That it wasn’t me that built this company.” (WTVD-TV, 7/25/12)
Dave McArthur, Co-Owner Of McArthur’s Bakery In Missouri, Said President Obama “Doesn’t Have A Clue.” “Dave McArthur, a co-owner of McArthur’s Bakery, asserted that small business is being “crushed by big business” and out-of-touch governments on all level. ‘Washington, especially this president, doesn’t have a clue,’ McArthur declared.” (Jo Mannies, “Area Small Business Owners Bristle Over Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Remark,” St. Louis Beacon, 7/25/12)

Business Owner Kevin Ressler – A Registered Democrat From Florida – Said He “Took Offense” At President Obama’s Remarks And Would Not Vote For The President In November. “In West Palm Beach, registered Democrat Kevin Ressler, who owns a marble restoration and maintenance business in Boca Raton, said he ‘took offense’ to the president’s remarks and won’t be voting for him this year after doing so in 2008.” (George Bennett, “‘You Didn’t Build That’ Fight Heats Up In Florida With Romney Attacks, New Obama Ad,” Palm Beach Post, 7/25/12)

John Eldred, President Of Midwest Tape, Said He Took President Obama’s Comments As A “Personal Insult.” “‘To say I didn't build this, I take as a personal insult,’ said John Eldred, president of Midwest Tape, a wholesaler of DVDs and CDs based in Springfield Township.” (Tom Troy, “Area Business Owners Bash Obama's Remarks,” Toledo Blade, 7/26/12)
  • Eldred: “[President Obama] Has No Idea About What It Is To Run A Business, What It Is To Put Everything That You Have On The Line, To Risk Your Home For What You Believe In.” (WTOL-TV, 7/25/12)

Nicole Goolsby, Owner Of North Carolina-Based Rion Homes: “President Obama’s Comments Were An Insult To The Sweat And Sacrifice That I Have Put Into My Business.” “Nicole Goolsby, 48, started her small business, the Cornelius, N.C.-based Rion Homes, 12 years ago after taking out a $15,000 loan on her credit card and setting up a desk in her bedroom. … ‘President Obama’s comments were an insult to the sweat and sacrifice that I have put into my business in an effort to build a better life for my children and my community,’ Goolsby said Wednesday a ‘We Did Build This’ event sponsored the campaign for Obama’s GOP opponent, Mitt Romney.” (Carmen Cusido, “Charlotte-Area Small Business Owners Tell Obama: Yes We Did,” Charlotte Observer, 7/26/12)

Main Line Engineering President Ted Delgaizo: “I Felt Like He Was Mocking Small Business Owners And Saying That The American Dream Is Not About Small Businesses And The Individual, But About Government.” “Ted Delgaizo, president of Main Line Engineering in Uwchlan, said he was insulted by the president's comments. ‘I felt like he was mocking small business owners and saying that the American dream is not about small businesses and the individual, but about government,’ Delgaizo said.” (Eric S. Smith, “Supporters Rally For Presidential Candidates In West Chester,” West Chester Daily Local, 7/26/12)

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