Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is Romney Ready To Unload On Obama?

The word we're getting out of Washington is that the President of the United States is about to get the vetting that he never got in 2008 or any time prior to that.
Obama's questionable youth, his early years, his then nomadic lifestyle, his use of drugs, his seeming fondness for radicals, his fringe friends, the secrecy surrounding his college years and college records, his ties to Rezko and other unsavory Chicago characters and his record of crony capitalism -- all will be up for grabs and raised as issues.
Obama's origins, mentors, major influences and most deeply-held beliefs have all been largely open to speculation and whole parts of his life have been largely shrouded in secrecy and/or declared off-limits.
But, no more.
And the crybaby, Obama-loving dominant media notwithstanding, the veil will be lifted.
The gloves are about to come off, folks.

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