Thursday, July 26, 2012

They DIDN"T Build That? Mr. President, Yes They DID!

President Obama’s comments denigrating the effort and accomplishment of American business owners have struck a chord around the country. It is clear that this President doesn't understand how our economy works. Mitt Romney knows we should celebrate the work of people who start and run enterprises, not devalue that work by giving credit to ‘somebody else.’ Government isn’t responsible for the success of our small businesses – the American people are.” –Amanda Henneberg, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Across The Country Continue To Speak Out, Telling President Obama That Their Success Was “Built By Us”:

Roswell, New Mexico-Based Realtor Jim Mannatt, On President Obama’s Comments: “We Didn’t Build It? Well I’m Trying To Figure Out Who Did.” “Obama, touching on the government’s role in aiding entrepreneurs, said at the campaign stop, ‘Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’ ‘We didn’t build it? Well I’m trying to figure out who did,’ said Jim Mannatt, owner of Mannatt and Co. Realtor.” (Julia Bergman, “GOP Holds ‘We Did Build This’ Rally,” Roswell Daily Record, 7/26/12)

John Eldred, President Of Midwest Tape, Said He Took President Obama’s Comments As A “Personal Insult.” “‘To say I didn't build this, I take as a personal insult,’ said John Eldred, president of Midwest Tape, a wholesaler of DVDs and CDs based in Springfield Township.” (Tom Troy, “Area Business Owners Bash Obama's Remarks,” Toledo Blade, 7/26/12)

Anna Mills, President Of The Toledo Real Estate Investors Association, Noted That She Was “The One That Took All The Risk. I’m The One That Works 16 To 20 Hours Still Today.” “‘I'm the one that took the risk. I'm the one that works 16 to 20 hours still today, even though I'm retirement age,’ [Anna Mills, president of the Toledo Real Estate Investors Association] said. ‘Without all these regulations, without all these taxes, small businesses – I – could hire more.’” (Tom Troy, “Area Business Owners Bash Obama's Remarks,” Toledo Blade, 7/26/12)

Randy Bowen, Owner Of A Street Food Stand In New Hampshire, Called On President Obama To “Stop This War On Capitalists.” “One of the highlighted speakers in the event was Randy Bowen, owner of the street-food stand ‘Sausage Express,’ which has operated for 10 years off North Main Street in its location in the Home Depot parking lot. ‘It may not look like much of anything but I borrowed from my parents. I mortgaged my house. My wife and I worked 16 hours a day for two years and we've cut it down to 10 hours a day,’ he said, standing before his stand with a bright white-and-green umbrella overhead. … ‘Mr. President, stop this war on capitalists.’” (Samantha Allen, “Mitt Romney Supporters Make Pitch For Small Businesses,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/26/12)

Erin Decker, An Entrepreneur From Kenosha, Wisconsin: “We Decided To Do It Because We Wanted To Live The American Dream.” “Erin Decker, owner of Double Decker Automotive in Kenosha, said her family didn’t receive government assistance when she and her husband decided in 2006 to open their own business. Decker was pregnant with their second child at the time, already a mother to a 3-year-old. Still, their family took the risk, she said. ‘We decided to do it because we wanted to live the American Dream,’ Decker said. That dream required hard work and devotion every day working long hours to make their business successful, she said.” (“Sen. Alberta Darling, Small Business Owners Blast Obama,” Menomonee Falls Patch, 7/25/12)

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