Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christie Oceanfront On Dems Dastardly Tax Games

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie never, ever relents.
He never stops fighting for the people of his state.
So when the summer comes, the Governor does what most New Jerseyans do: He goes to the beach.
And there Christie holds his town hall meetings -- right alongside the ocean; right where the people are.
This week The Gov is stalking legislative Democrats for reneging on a plan to cut taxes. They proposed a plan. Christie called their bluff and agreed to their tax-cutting plan. And then they backed away. Weasels!
Yes, they can hide. But they can't run. Because Chris Christie is after them and he still has a few more maneuvers left before this fight is over. And he's not backing down.
For the final siege Christie has placed himself out in the sunshine and with the folks he knows and loves: the people of New Jersey.
That's our Governor!

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